This is a small list of some of my notable projects.


  • Simulation: This is a multi-threading enabled simulation framework (including a small simulation of the Eart-Sun orbit)
  • DiscordAstroBot: A bot for the chat application “Discord”. It can for example plate solve images, analyse images, give info on any DSO (deep space object), give precise weather forecasts for astronomy, and much more.
  • SolarSystemSimulator: Self written game engine with 3D rendering (+ shaders) capability, using the framework “MonoGame”. It uses my multithreading enabled simulation framework to simulate our solar system (Work in progress).
  • Some smaller projects (see GitHub Account at


  • CARBOCOUNT / NABEL data visualisation: This was my (solo-) project during my civil service at EMPA. It’s a website that visualises the data of the networks / research projects CARBOCOUNT and NABEL. This website is optimised for touch screen and is also running on a publicly accessable computer at the entrance of the EMPA building, to engage the public with the data gathered by these projects.
    It now also hosts the networks “ICOS” and “CATCOS”
  • Guangong Wushu: Website of a Kung Fu / Wushu club in St.Gallen
  • Black Tears: Website of the band “Black Tears”


  • Stars, Gates and Realities: A round based stargate browsergame, I coded parts of the forum-software for this website.
  • 3567: Project Longshot: This game was developed by me and a few friends from the software developer school. The project never got finished, however it gave very interesting insights into the area of game development.

Apart from the mentioned projects above, I am also working on different smaller projects with a self-built 3D-printer and Arduino boards.

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