M106 and its friends What a night! After running into one issue after the other and having to fix those for hours, this was the result of that night! TotallyContinue readingM106

M81 and M82

Two of our neighboring galaxies: M81 and M82 These two galaxies are located roughly 10 million light years away and are the home to several hundred billion star systems! M82Continue readingM81 and M82

East Veil

A small part of the East Veil nebula This picture only shows a small part of the huge veil nebula (which is in total 36 times bigger than the fullContinue readingEast Veil

Moon at 85%

A quick shot of the moon from two nights ago. At this time the moon was at around 85% illumination. Canon 7D Mark II, GSO RC8″ (1620mm, f/8), 254×1/800s exposuresContinue readingMoon at 85%


NGC 660 lies in the constellation Pisces and is over 44 million light-years away! Its peculiar appearance marks it as one of the rare galaxies of the type “polar ringContinue readingNGC660


M27 – The Dumbbell nebula This nebula really looks like a dumbbell! It’s the remains of a star that reached its end of life and collapsed into a white dwarf.Continue readingM27

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