East Veil

A small part of the East Veil nebula This picture only shows a small part of the huge veil nebula (which is in total 36 times bigger than the fullContinue readingEast Veil

Moon at 85%

A quick shot of the moon from two nights ago. At this time the moon was at around 85% illumination. Canon 7D Mark II, GSO RC8″ (1620mm, f/8), 254×1/800s exposuresContinue readingMoon at 85%


NGC 660 lies in the constellation Pisces and is over 44 million light-years away! Its peculiar appearance marks it as one of the rare galaxies of the type “polar ringContinue readingNGC660


M27 – The Dumbbell nebula This nebula really looks like a dumbbell! It’s the remains of a star that reached its end of life and collapsed into a white dwarf.Continue readingM27


So many stars!! This is NGC6888 or the Crescent Nebula It’s the remains of a supernova explosion that happend 300,000 years ago! A supernova is basically a big star (muchContinue readingNGC6888


M51 – The Whirlpool galaxy This is how it looks when two galaxies get close to each other. However, these 2 galaxies are actually not colliding, but rather just passingContinue readingM51

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