NGC2841 NGC2841 – A spiral galaxy ~46 million Lightyears away This is actually an older photo that I never processed. There are so many tiny / distant galaxies in thisContinue readingNGC2841


NGC2903 A barred spiral galaxy lying around 30 million light years away from earth in the constellation of Leo. Inside its extremely active core, huge amounts of gas and dustContinue readingNGC2903


M94 – A barred spiral galaxy with two ring structures Located roughly 16 million light years from earth, we find this galaxy with its very special structure. It has twoContinue readingM94


M109 – The vacuum cleaner galaxy Who came up with that name?! M109 is the furthest away spiral galaxy in the Messier catalogue. It is located roughly 87 million lightContinue readingM109

Leo Triplet

My first collaboration, and what a result! This photo of the Leo Triplet (a triplet of galaxies) is quite special! The data is made up of around 3hrs 30min ofContinue readingLeo Triplet

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