The Milkyway over Schwarzsee, Switzerland

The Milkyway over Schwarzsee, Switzerland

Everytime that I am outside at a dark place, and I can see the Milkyway with my own eyes, it fills me with joy, wonder, and calmness.
It makes me wonder: What is out there? What is this huge thing called “universe” of which we are part of?

The Milkyway alone spans over 100 thousand light-years across and has 200-400 billion star systems, most of them have planets and according to newest statistics, roughly 20% of those star systems have a planet in the habitable zone like earth.
And that’s just our own Milkyway, which is just one average sized spiral galaxy out of the estimated 2 trillion contained inside the observable universe.

The photo was taken at “Schwarzsee”, in Canton Fribourg (Switzerland)
using my DSLR (Canon 7D Mark II)

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