NGC891 and Abell 347

NGC891 and the galaxy cluster Abell 347

There is so much to be seen in this picture! Can you count the galaxies?
For one the most obvious galaxy on the top right, NGC891!
NGC891 is what we call an “edge on galaxy”, meaning it is tilted in such a way, that when we look at it from earth’s perspective we see it directly edge on. It’s as if you would hold a CD in your hand and look at it edge on.
This galaxy is estimated to be 32.2 million light years away from earth! Further, it is estimated to have a similar mass / size as our own galaxy, talking about 300 billion star systems.

To the left side of the image lays the galaxy cluster Abell 347. This cluster consists of a lot of different galaxies and lays between 250 million light years and 350 million light years away from earth. Some of those galaxies are also “edge on” galaxies, others are spiral galaxies or even spherical galaxies.

NGC891 has been studied a lot by astronomers over the years. It has a very interesting dust structure (black line in the center of the disc).

The image was taken with the Canon 7D Mark II, GSO RC 8″ (1620mm, f/8), f/6.7 focal reducer, the Celestron AVX and the ZWO ASI224MC as off-axis guider.

53x300s (4.4 hours in total), stacked and post-processed in PixInsight

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