NGC7331 and Stephans Quintet

NGC7331 and its friends (the Stephan’s Quintet)

There are so many galaxies in this picture!

The one on the top right (the biggest one) is called NGC7331 and roughly 40 million light years away from earth.
NGC7331 is very similar to our own galaxy, the milky way. It is also a lot bigger: NGC7331 holds around 1400 billion star systems (our galaxy has 300-400 billion)

And at the bottom left, there are 4 galaxies very far away, but so close to each other that they started interacting.
These 4 galaxies are called “Stephan’s Quintet” and are roughly 400 million light years away from earth!

Apart from NG7331 and the Stephan’s Quintet, there are several more galaxies in this picture! Can you spot them?

Taken with the GSO RC 8″ (1620mm, f/8), the Canon 7D Mark II and the Celestron AVX
51x600s exposures, stacked and post-processed in PixInsight

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