So many stars!! This is NGC6888 or the Crescent Nebula It’s the remains of a supernova explosion that happend 300,000 years ago!
A supernova is basically a big star (much bigger than our own star) explodes and throws the gases of the star outwards into space.
This is how this how this nebula was created, its a ball of expanding gas, expanding at insane speeds. The nebula is already several dozen light years in diameter today!

And even more fascinating: all those stars in this picture are other star systems! Each of them having planets etc… And this is just a very very small part of our galaxy (the milky way galaxy).

The image is the result of 2 hours of total exposure time with my GSO RC8″ and the Celestron Advanced VX. I used my Canon 7D Mark II as imaging camera.

Canon 7D Mark II at 1620mm
12x 600s exposures

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