M81 and M82

Two of our neighboring galaxies: M81 and M82

These two galaxies are located roughly 10 million light years away and are the home to several hundred billion star systems!
M82 (the galaxy on the left) is a so-called “starburst” galaxy. Which means the galaxy holds huge amounts of hydrogen (visible as red in the photo) that forms tons of new stars in the galaxy.
On the other hand, M81 is a beautiful spiral galaxy, just like our own galaxy the Milky Way.

This photo was taken last Tuesday night and is the result of 2hrs and 50mins of total exposure time. Sadly I had to throw away quite a few frames because my focus was off. Nevertheless, I am pretty happy with the results.

34x300s, Canon 7D Mark II, Celestron AVX, GSO RC8″ (1620mm, f/8), f/6.7 focal reducer

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