M33 Triangulum galaxy

M33 – The Triangulum Galaxy

This galaxy is one of the biggest ones that can be seen in the night sky.
That’s because its one of our closest neighbouring galaxies, with a distance of “only” around 2.7 million light yeras!
The galaxy is even so big, that given a very dark sky (no cities around etc) you could be able to see it with your own bare eye.
It hosts around 40 billion star systems as is therefor smaller than our Milky way (which has about 200-400 billion).
Further, it’s a very active galaxy, meaning even though it is a lot smaller than the Andromeda galaxy for example, it is forging much more new star systems in its dense molecular clouds (red areas inside the galaxy).

Also this galaxy is flying towards us with a speed of 180km/s (which will still take it billions of years to reach us).

Taken with the Canon 7D Mark II, GSO RC8″ (1620mm, f/8), Celestron AVX, ASI224MC as off-axis guider
20x600s | ISO800

Stacked and post-processed in PixInsight

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