M33 – The Triangulum galaxy


M33 – The Triangulum galaxy

Finally, after quite some time a new photo!
This is another collaboration with a friend who has a 6″ RC and whose data combines very well with my 8″ RC telescope.

The Triangulum galaxy is one of our closest neighbors, having a distance of roughly 3 million light years from earth.
Further, it has a very distinct spiral shape, featuring a not so bright core compared to other spiral galaxies.
Visible in the image are also its active star-forming regions (red regions/nebulae in the image).
Also very well visible are the dark nebulae especially inside the core of the galaxy, being made up of dust.
The M33 galaxy is quite a bit smaller than the milky way and holds around 10-40 billion solar masses.

Data collaboration with Nicola Kadola:
My data: 32x300s with GSO RC8″, the Celestron AVX, and the Canon 7D Mark II
Nicola : 4x600s and 14x 900s with GSO RC6″, the Celestron AVX and also a Canon DSLR (not sure which model)

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