M1 – The Crab Nebula

M1 – The crab nebula

An old friend revisited with my new telescope! Last time I imaged this target was with my old C8 SGT (XLT).
With the new telescope/optics this nebula looks a lot sharper!

M1 is a supernova remnant, a star that went BOOM around 2000 years ago (as observed from earth).
The explosion of that star was so bright, that several independent reports from all over earth noted a bright star that was so bright, that it was easily visible even at day time!
And that was an explosion that happened 6500 light years away and it still appeared that bright! One can not even imagine the energy that was released in that explosion.
After the explosion, the star collapsed into a pulsar, that now rotates at 30 Hz (30 rotations per second).

The nebula is also known for its tentacle-like look. These were created by the strong magnetic fields of the pulsar, which propels ionized gas at insane speeds outwards in what looks like tentacles.

The photo was acquired using a GSO RC8″, the Candon 7D Mark II, the Celestron AVX, the ZWO ASI 224MC as OAG and 4h 20min of total exposure time.

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